Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Bonnet 1954

The little one with Granny's hand fluffing out her dress (as if it NEEDED it) is ME at around age one (1). First girl born in our family for 50 years, or so they said. I think the picture is self-evident of that claim...puffy sleeves, lace, pinafore, bonnet and GLOVES??? Fortunately, the picture cut off just before revealing the conventional lace-bottomed panties and black patent-leather "Mary Jane's." A protective coating of petroleum jelly was ritually applied every Saturday night. If "This Little Light of Mine" was glowing a bit dim in Sunday School , at least I could always depend on the blinding sparkle of my tiny shoes " shine before all men!"

Above...Granny then and 17 years later just after my high school graduation.

She was a remarkable woman! I was 37 years old when she died. We were the BEST of friends until the end and I miss her EVERY DAY. Much more about her in later posts. She was HILARIOUS! A real HOOT!

Happy Easter
He Is Risen!

Hurry Back Y'all
Nancy Binky

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Jenny~ said...

Wow! I can see the resemblance to Rooty in your picture in a HUGE way!!!! I miss her too!!!!! But she's probably happy to not have to deal with Andy's pillow throwing rampage any longer! *wink* Happy Easter!