Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Senor Don Gato...Part 2

After calling our local Animal Control office, only to be told they didn't DO kitty tree rescues, I spent hours that afternoon trying to coax that kitty down from its lofty perch. In an attempt to quench its obvious thirst, I sprayed water up into the tree, hoping the droplets would gather together and stay in a crevice long enough for kitty to have a good drink.

Late in the afternoon, our neighbor heard my attempts and volunteered to use his mountain-climbing gear to rescue the kitty. The higher he climbed so went the frightened kitty, reaching an estimated height of 40 feet. For the safety of the kitty and our would-be-hero, the rescue was called off in hopes that kitty would finally come down by itself!

That night there was a TERRIBLE thunderstorm! Lightning flashed through the windows like paparazzi. Thunder shook the very foundation of our house as fifty mph winds howled through the trees. As I lie awake it occurred to me that Nature's way of self-pruning its trees was a real and present danger to that unprotected kitty. I worried and prayed for that kitty's safety until long after the storm passed.

The next morning I gingerly approached my garden, desperately hoping that kitty had survived the night. Silence. No mews. No green eyes. No evidence that a NEW kitty grave needed to be dug. Nothing. And that was that! A quick-said prayer of thanks and that was that...until three months later when I spotted a very young cat peeping out the unclosed shed door.


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